KitchenAid Sifter and Scale (Stand Mixer Accessory)

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Why use a sifter and scale?

You can be a better baker… just like magic


Get great results every time by gradually adding weighed, sifted ingredients into the bowl.


The scale, sifter and chute handles multiple stages of prep work in one step. Ta da! 


Digitally measured ingredients allow a higher level of precision for mouth-watering results


You’ll notice the difference; with ingredients gradually sifted into the mixture, your cakes will be even lighter – and yummier!


No fuss, no mess! All the parts except the scale and sifter housing are dishwasher-safe.

Secret of success

Baking is more of a science than an art. Professional bakers know that accurate measurements are priority number one!

Ingredients measured by volume can vary significantly: one cup of flour may weigh around 16% more or less than another, which can have a major effect on the end result.

Light as air

Sifting flour and other dry ingredients removes lumps and aerates the mixture, which leads to more thorough mixing and light, fluffy results – batch after batch.

The sifter and scale attachment provides hands-free sifting and funneling into the mixer bowl, so you can multi-task

What’s in the box?

Digital scale

Hopper (container)

Removable sifter


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