KitchenAid Pasta Sheet Roller [5KSMPSA]

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Once you’ve made pasta dough at home with your stand mixer, you can then roll it into thin sheets with this pasta roller. Designed for ease and control, this stainless steel pasta roller is an optional attachment which fixes securely to the attachment hub of your stand mixer. You can create sheets of any thickness you like using the 8 thickness settings. Always start at the widest setting (number 1) and then gradually increase through the scale as you keep rolling it through. Thick tagliolini, medium for lasagne or thin for linguine or ‘angel hair’ pasta. You’ll need to put the dough through at least 3 times for each setting – always folding it up and then putting it through again. Don’t forget to sprinkle flour to avoid the dough sticking! Your pasta sheets will be up to 14 cm width and perfectly smooth and even – all ready to use or cut with the KitchenAid pasta cutter accessories (sold separately). This commercial-style pasta roller comes with a handy cleaning brush to remove bits of dough when you’ve finished.

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