Outin Nano Portable Espresso Machine Adapters Kit

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Replace your broken adapters or simply use additional adapters to quickly brew another cup of coffee without needing to wash with this Nano Adapters Kit that contains a Ground Coffee Adapter, a Capsule Adapter, and a Measuring Spoon/Tamper.

Ground Coffee Adapter: Try different coffee flavors and brew freshly ground coffee with this versatile adapter for your Nano Espresso Machine.

Capsule Adapter: Designed to be compatible with all types of capsules including Nespresso®. The advantage of using capsules is that the coffee is pre-measured, ground, and perfectly tamped to ensure a consistent coffee taste.   

Measuring Spoon/Tamper: Enhance your coffee brewing with the Measuring Spoon/Tamper for precise measuring and pressing of freshly ground coffee.

NB: The Ground Coffee Adapter, Capsule Adapter, and Measuring Spoon/Tamper are already included with your Nano Portable Espresso Machine.

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